Jo Jacques


Family Paws Parent Education™  Licensed Presenter 


Dog-Friendly Training and Behavior Consulting

PO Box 323Salem, MA 01970

P: 978-771-4962

F: 978-741-0015

Member, No Shock Collar Coalition

President 2005-2012, International Siberian Husky Club

IAABC# 023 

CAPDT# 064427

AABP# 024

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

ABMA # 221012

Jo Jacques is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Associate CatBehavior Consultant, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified PetCare Technician, member of the APDT (#064427), IAABC (#023), AABP(#024) and the ABMA (#221012) who runs WiggleBums! Dog-FriendlyTraining & Behavior.

Jo is  dedicated to using only pet-friendly, non-force methods oftraining and behavior modification with all animals, and focuses onenhancing and maintaining the human-animal bond, using primarilyClicker Training, along with lure/reward, model/rival, and functionalbehavior analysis methodologies. Jo specializes in working withmultiple-pet families, as well as the so-called 'hard to train' or'stubborn' breeds, and is past-President of the International SiberianHusky Club. 

Jo has been a Licensed Presenter for Family Paws Parent Education since2009, consulting privately with expectant parents and families withchildren who are having issues between their pets and children.

Jo works with many rescue organizations as both a Behavior Consultantand foster home provider for dogs needing help adjusting before theiradoption, and teaches shelter staff clicker training methods to enhanceferal cats' adoptability.

Jo is a past columnist for, as well as author, withNannette Morgan, BA, CPDT, of "Does Breed Matter? Utilizing theSiberian Husky's Genetic Blueprint When Training" (APDT Chronicle ofthe Dog, Nov/Dec 2007) and with Sandy Myers, CDBC, of "ElectronicTraining Devices: A Review of Current Literature" (Animal BehaviorConsulting:Theory and Practice, Spring 2007).

Jo lives in Salem, MA with with her current "Woo Crew" of threeSiberian Huskies, a retired Greyhound, four cats and an Iguana.

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